Episode 57

Published on:

25th Nov 2020

Writing email every day vs batch writing in one go

Do you like to write your emails as you go, or are you a die-hard batcher? 

Many of us like to live on the edge, writing each and every day, whilst some of us simply couldn't fathom such a thing.

Whichever approach you prefer…that’s totally cool and you should always choose what works best for YOU and your business. 

However, we wanted to use this episode go through the pros and cons of each approach because there may be some points in here that you haven’t thought about, which could make you think about changing things up…..

The Email Marketing Automation You Should Have In Your Business

Episode Content

  • (02:25) Our goal as the Email Marketing Heroes.  
  • (03:12) What’s the deal with all the copy-cats? 
  • (05:35) Candles, romantic music and slippers…..the perfect setting for batching, right?
  • (07:56) Another big benefit to batching and it’s all in the structure.
  • (09:28) The biggest downside to batching….which WILL happen to you at some point. 
  • (10:36) Are you feeling sad today? Maybe a little p****d off? Or are you ecstatically happy? 
  • (13:13) This downside to batching is one of the reasons why we tend not to do it.
  • (14:27) The main reason we like to write as we go.   
  • (16:42) Something HUGE has just happened in the world. What do you do?
  • (19:26) Happy Birthday to us! 
  • (21:11) Are you a lover of routines?  
  • (25:08) Kennedy and the joys of crap Airport wi-fi….seriously…why is it always so bad?
  • (28:44) A hybrid approach…how could that work well?
  • (31:50) How we like to use the hybrid approach. 
  • (34:44) What are YOU going to do? 

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