Episode 52

Published on:

21st Oct 2020

Make People Realise How Awesome Your Products Are - Use Email To Boost Consumption with Erik Stafford

Someone’s just bought your online course…yay! But now what? 

Do you just leave them to it and never speak to them again, after your generic “thank you” email? 

Well, that’s what most people do…

But, if your current customers could become your biggest advocates, spreading the word about you to the world and repeatedly bought from you, wouldn’t you want that? 

Well DUH…of course you would. BUT, you need to be looking after them more.   

Working with some of the biggest brands in the world including ebay, Uber and Airbnb, Erik Stafford of Aim Clear has absolutely mastered the art of using email to get people to consume your programmes, actually use your membership content and keep coming back for more. 

And lucky for us lot, he’s been kind enough to join us and what share what are frankly some utterly mind blowing tips and tricks. 

Use Email To Boost Consumption with Erik Stafford

Episode Content

  • (02:02) Two lies and a truth about Erick - it’s Rob’s turn and this one’s not easy!
  • (03:45) Selling to people who have already bought from you - why do so many people neglect to do this? 
  • (05:47) Looking after your customers…because it’s not just a “nice” thing to do.
  • (06:18) What do most of us tend to do once someone has bought from us?
  • (08:34) Let’s get personal…
  • (10:08) How many emails should we be sending people after they subscribe?  
  • (11:46) Data…like Erik, you may hate it but unfortunately, you can’t ignore it.
  • (14:10) The 3 types of email Erik suggests you should use for both cold and warm lists.
  • (17:05) Hold up! Rob has just had a lightbulb moment.
  • (19:03) Which subject line of the week is rarely used but has always worked very well for Erik? This one is classic!

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