Episode 10

Published on:

1st Jan 2020

How To Use Behavioural Marketing In Email - Killer Engagement With Mike Capuzzi

Ever wondered how many people who opt-in for your freebies actually download them? Sure they're on your list, and you're probably sending them broadcast emails, but did they ever actually consume the thing they opted-in for? And are they even interested?

There's no point in having people on your list who simply aren't interested in what you're dishing up and who will never EVER buy anything from you.

That's where the brilliant idea of behavioural marketing comes in! Instead of just assuming everyone is engaged at the point of opting-in, you can respond to people's behaviours (like opens and clicks) and trigger things off the back of that. That will allow you to make some interesting decisions about what you send them in future emails, or whether to just clean them out from your list!

We're here with the brilliant Mike Capuzzi to find out his tips and strategies…

Episode Content

  • (5:00) What is behavioural marketing?
  • (6:30) Different types of behavioural marketing and triggers.
  • (7:12) What behavioural marketing looks like in a real email campaign.
  • (10:42) The value of quality over quantity when it comes to your email list.
  • (11:32) How behavioural email marketing helps you clean up your list.
  • (13:41) Using tags to level-up your email segmentation during a download consumption sequence.
  • (15:05) Which parts of an email campaign can behavioural marketing have a big impact on?
  • (17:34) Using surveys and quizzes to boost your behavioural marketing efforts.
  • (18:25) Subject line of the week with Mike Capuzzi.

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