Episode 66

Published on:

27th Jan 2021

How To Sell Without Price Cutting or Pushing with Mike Montague from Sandler Training

Offer a discount and the sales will always come flooding in, right?

But what happens when you put your course back up to its full price?

In many cases….tumble weed.

Discounting is used by so many of us because it’s seen as the easiest and quickest way to sell something.

But the problem with this is that it can actually make it a lot more difficult to sell, especially when you want to put your courses or products back up to their full price…the price you deserve to sell it at.

Sandler Training’s Global Head of Content and co-writer of LinkedIn: The Sandler Way, Mike Montague joins us in this episode to tell us how to sell effectively, without using discounts.

So if you’re sick of only selling your stuff when you offer it for peanuts….tune in.

How To Sell Without Price Cutting or Pushing with Mike Montague from Sandler Training

Episode Content

  • (02:26) This week’s two lies and a truth has some big names in it. 
  • (03:49) One of the things many of us really struggle with when it comes to selling.
  • (06:19) The problem with discounted offers…have you done this?
  • (06:55) The four magic words that can transform the way you sell…without discounts.  
  • (08:24) How can you get people to stop comparing your price to others?
  • (10:21) The lazy way might be easier, but it isn’t always the best way.
  • (10:54) How to get people to buy without having the scary count-down timer. 
  • (11:57) Is there ever a time and place for discounting your stuff?
  • (13:49) Having the right “qualification”.
  • (14:54) The power of the invitation. And no, we don’t mean to your birthday party.
  • (15:54) The power of gifts, because who doesn’t love gifts?!
  • (18:27) Even more great options instead of offering a discount. Do you do any of these?
  • (19:25) This option sounds a tad scary, but we’ve seen it work amazingly for some people. 
  • (22:49) It’s subject line of the week time and Mike has chosen THREE...because he can.

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