Episode 20

Published on:

11th Mar 2020

How To Nail Your Affiliate Email Promotions – Getting Hyped With Ryan Phillips

One of the big opportunities we’ve got as marketers is to promote other people’s products with affiliate email promotions.

If you promote products as an affiliate you get paid a commission on every sale that you generate, earning you a nice second income stream – sounds nice, right?

You might have a wonderful email list just packed full of engaged subscribers, but you just don’t have enough products to promote to them all the time. So, why not promote other people’s products to them instead and make a little profit from it too?

If you know your list (and we know you do), then you will know exactly the type of products and services they want and need. Promoting affiliate products gives you the opportunity to send deals and offers their way that you know they’ll love!

This episode we’ve teamed up with Ryan Phillips, affiliate extraordinaire, to find out how he nails his promotions every single time

Make More Sales With Affiliate Email Promotions

Episode Content

  • (1:29) Funny fact with Ryan Phillips.
  • (3:37) How to get a head start in the affiliate game if you’re a total newbie, or just jumping back in.
  • (5:00) Sending that first promotion email, including a review video, and what that should look like.
  • (6:22) The bonus email – the second promotion email, when you should send it and what you should include.
  • (7:50) Going above and beyond will always make the difference with affiliate email marketing.
  • (9:45) Seeing your email subscribers as people and customers rather than just dollar signs.
  • (10:18) What are the key elements to include in the pre-launch review that make a big impact?
  • (13:43) P.S we’re offering an early bird deal – how to promote the early bird affiliate discounts and why it’s such a good idea!
  • (14:33) How closely you should work with the product creator/vendor to make the most of the promotion.
  • (15:13) Two extra email campaigns to run – the hyped email template, and the normal email template.
  • (16:32) Overcoming the challenge of knowing exactly where you should be sending your email traffic and avoiding any link confusion.
  • (17:25) How to send 3-4 promotional emails per day without annoying people, what to include, how to add value, and when to send.
  • (20:21) Subject line of the week with Ryan Phillips.
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