Episode 17

Published on:

19th Feb 2020

How To Grow Your Email List – 6 Unusual Lead Magnet Ideas

These days people are way more precious about giving away their email address, so if you’re going to use a lead magnet to get people on your list, it’s got to be a good one!

Rather than asking people to enter their email address to receive a bland bit of free content, make it something interactive, something they really care about, and something that will actually qualify them as someone who should be on your list.

In this episode we’re going through 6 unusual lead magnet ideas that we’ve used ourselves to get great results. Let’s dive in…

6 Unusual Lead Magnet Ideas

Episode Content

  • (0:57) Rob and Kennedy’s funny fact.
  • (2:18) Let’s talk about lead magnet blindness.
  • (3:20) We’re giving you 6 unusual lead magnet ideas (+ a little bonus one).
  • (4:10) Bonus: Building a list of customers, people who you know are willing to buy from you.
  • (6:05) Lead magnet one: Giving away free content.
  • (7:33) Lead magnet two: Simply getting people to sign up to receive your emails.
  • (8:55) Lead magnet three: Joining your list after participating in a competition or giveaway.
  • (11:27) Lead magnet four: get people to vote for something or give their opinion on something.
  • (13:55) Lead magnet five: It’s time for a challenge, literally!
  • (18:25) Lead magnet six: Offering a free trial of a membership or even a paid webinar.
  • (20:55) Listeners question
  • (24:50) Subject line of the week

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