Episode 43

Published on:

19th Aug 2020

How To Get People To Buy Your Product Now - 2 Ways To Create Urgency

Would you like to get more people to buy your product without coming across like a pushy, slimy used car salesman?

We’ve all had those types of emails…

“If you don’t buy my course now, your nan will die” or “Buy this cream right now or you will be hideous forever”

OK, maybe they’re not that extreme but you know the ones. The ones that don’t just create urgency but they actually play on your emotions in a pretty brutal way in order to get you to buy their stuff.

Well, in today’s episode, we’re going to show you how to use two ways to create urgency that are not only super effective, but will get you sales without coming across like those annoying (and downright immoral!) marketers you’ve had in your inbox in the past.

How To Get People To Buy Your Product Now- 2 Ways To Create Urgency

Episode Content

  • (01:57) There’s no messing around here. Let’s dive straight into the first way to create urgency!
  • (03:30) What's this got to do with the DFS Sofa store?
  • (4:12) How are you always training your email list?
  • (05:03) When this way works best.
  • (06:30) Technology is amazing but it can have its bumps in the road when it comes to using the first method. Luckily for you lovely lot, Kennedy managed to come up with a solution right on the spot!
  • (09:39) The second way to create urgency that you NEED to know about.
  • (11:50) Here’s an example of how we use this type of urgency.
  • (13:40) Learn how you can dig even further into this way.
  • (14:45) Why you need to be careful with this method.
  • (15:31) Find out what one of the biggest and most commonly asked questions we receive in The League relating to this strategy is.
  • (16:20) A subject line to make people uncomfortable? And the best bit?...It really does work!
  • (17:53) Are you struggling to think about how these urgency strategies are going to apply to you? We’ve got you covered. 

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