Episode 76

Published on:

7th Apr 2021

Email Marketing for Small Businesses with Steffen Schebesta from Sendinblue

Is it possible for your small business to compete with huge companies in terms of email marketing?

Hell yeah it is.

In fact, you can have even more of an advantage over the big players.

And our latest guest Steffen Schebesta, CEO of sendinblue North America (which has seen a huge 50% growth year on year) is here to explain how.

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Episode Content

  • (02:44) Two lies and a truth. Kennedy aims for a record winning streak.
  • (04:16) So what advantages do we have as small businesses over the big players?
  • (05:40) There has been an interesting shift in the world….
  • (07:41) What techniques should we be tapping into?
  • (09:29) The power of using the tools already at your fingertips….
  • (11:15) How to create the best automations.
  • (12:38) Are there any automations Steffen thinks small businesses miss out on?
  • (14:19) What are the other tools you can use to create the best email marketing experience? 
  • (16:25) Integrating live chat? What’s all that about?!
  • (19:04) Its subject line of the week time – intentional mistakes? Who would do such a thing!

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