Episode 13

Published on:

22nd Jan 2020

Email Marketing Design: How To Choose Between Graphics vs. Text Only

We talk a lot about email content but how much time do you spend thinking about your email marketing design?

It would be an easy assumption to make that the prettiest and most eye-catching design would get the most engagement but that’s not always the case.

What people find attractive and appealing when it comes to design can be very subjective, so it can be tricky deciding how your emails should look.

We could sit and argue over what colour your links should be, or if your email signature should show your face, but one of the biggest debates in email marketing is whether to go graphic-heavy or whether to stick to good old text-only emails.

Let’s hash it out…

Email Marketing Design

Episode Content

  • (3:02) The research and results behind graphic vs. text only emails
  • (4:10) How graphics in email can affect your deliverability
  • (5:35) Does email intent and call to action change how you should format your email design?
  • (6:30) Rob tells a terrible joke!
  • (7:31) How ‘text only’ should your text-only email be?
  • (9:32) Where should your brand logo fit?
  • (10:54) How you can mix graphics/text-only to spice up your content
  • (12:14) Fun alternatives to using brand graphics in your emails 
  • (17:52) How including graphics in an email can increase your open rates

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