Episode 44

Published on:

26th Aug 2020

Email AMP and the future of email marketing with Aweber CEO Tom Kulzer

The future of email marketing is here ladies and gentlemen, and it's called email AMP.

And we wanted to get someone very special on the show to tell you all about it.

Aweber were one of the very first email marketing automation platforms in the world, and they send billions of emails every single month. 

Today, we’re ridiculously excited to be joined by none other than Aweber’s CEO Tom Kulzer who is here to tell us about something that is going to completely revolutionise how we use and view email marketing.

Are you ready? Hold on to your keyboards because you're in for a treat....

Email AMP and the future of email marketing with Aweber CEO Tom Kulzer

Episode Content

  • (02:22) First off, it’s two lies and a truth and here’s a question for you: how many uses does Santa's belly have?
  • (04:40) Find out why Aweber CEO Tom Kulzer is actually the original email marketing hero, not us….Yes, we know it might come as a bit of a shock!
  • (05:34) Tom gives us the low down on where he thinks the world is at with email marketing. Is it going away anytime soon?
  • (07:14) What is AMP for email and how is it going to revolutionize email marketing?
  • (10:02) How is email AMP going to reach us?
  • (11:32) Tom gives examples of just some of the awesome things you can do with email AMP.
  • (12:35) That all sounds great…. but what about email file size?
  • (13:20) Let’s talk engagement rates. Will they increase or decrease? 
  • (14:32) User friendliness. Yay or nay?
  • (16:20) Tracking the level of engagement is massively important but we want to know how will this differ to “normal” emails. 
  • (17:50) Find out why this is really opening up (excuse me, Aladdin) “a whole new world”
  • (20:31) And the most ironic subject line of the week this show have ever seen goes to…..

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