Episode 50

Published on:

7th Oct 2020

Customer Archetypes To Inject Personality Into Your Marketing - Nate Wright

What are customer archetypes and how can we use them to deeply connect and motivate our email subscribers?

I wonder if you might be wearing the wrong hat in your campaigns?

Most emails you’ll receive are from people playing a certain archetype (you’ll know the one we mean in a few minutes), but we want to discuss why this isn’t always the best approach.

In fact, you could actually be pissing a lot of people off….which we’re guessing probably isn’t what you’re aiming to do?  

In this episode, we’re super excited to be joined by the Nate Wright of Inbox Attack. 

Having written more than 10k campaigns as well as being the highest rated company for email marketing on the whole of Upwork, Nate knows a thing or two about email marketing and the different kinds of archetypes you could be adopting to ensure your campaigns hit all of the right spots.

Cue many awesome movie references that are going to have you feeling all nostalgic….

Nate Wright

Episode Content

  • (02:26) We put Kennedy’s mind reading skills to the test again with two lies and a truth. He's definitely got to be due to get one wrong soon.....hasn't he?
  • (04:30) Many email marketers tend to stick to a certain archetype, but it doesn’t always mean it’s the best one. Nate knows this it's why he’s had so much success. Let’s dig deeper...
  • (06:31) The main archetype email marketers use can actually really rub people up the wrong way. Could you be guilty of this?  
  • (08:18) What happened when we tested the same campaign under two different angles?  
  • (9:07) How do you know where your audience are at in their journey?
  • (12:00) The alternative to the usual archetype.
  • (15:05) See how a certain scene in the movie ‘Never Ending Story’ relates to this next super interesting archetype.
  • (17:02) Should you pick one archetype and stick to it across all of your campaigns? 
  • (18:43) Are you amazing at everything?  We call Bulls***!
  • (21:41) Blending of the archetypes…so how does that work?  
  • (24:10) It’s subject line of the week time - Everyone hates a namedropper….or do they? 

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